To assist Owners and Operators in having safe ships operated by highly qualified and competent crew with high safety standards to avoid any near miss/incident/accident/off hires and delays.
To prepare ships for ZERO vetting/Right ship/PSC observations, ZERO incidents, ZERO spills, ZERO off hires, ZERO LTI/MTC/RWC/FAC.

  1. Pre-vetting and Pre PSC on oil Tankers
  2. Pre-vetting on Chemical tanker
  3. SIRE Inspection
  4. CDI
  5. Incident Investigation
  6. Internal ISM/ISPS Audit
  7. TMSA gap analysis and Preparation for TMSA 3
  8. SMS Review and preparation of new checklists as per TMSA requirements
  9. Office Internal Audit in line with ISM/ISO 9001/ISO 14001/TMSA Elements
  10. Attendance during Oil Major Inspection
  11. Navigational Sailing Audit
  12. Cargo Audit
  13. Mooring audit
  14. Bunkering Audit

VDR Review and Analysis/Navigational bridge sailing audits to identify the gaps and training needs of navigating officers and provide the requisite BTM training to comply with TMSA stage 4 requirement. When opportunity prevails, to carry out Engineering, cargo, Bunker and mooring audits concurrently in line with TMSA 3 requirement.

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