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Be smart. Use our smart data & unique software to improve your business. We are consistently developing Marine IT Software through innovation. We now are coming up with eWRH software for optimizing operations to reduce costs to ship owners by correctly using the work-rest hour’s requirements. The e-WRH software enables you to keep track of the work and rest hours on board. e-WRH Calculates rest hours and automatically checks compliance with work and rest hours legislation used by on-board crew and vessel watch keepers.

Easy-to-use Excel Payroll Management makes payroll processing simple and quick, allowing Master cut down queries. Comprehensive functionality and configurable features that can map to your existing payroll processes. Perfectly used on more than 10 vessels and helps they manage all payroll requirements very efficiently. Features include – Portage Bills, Payrolls, Bank Remittances, Variances, Deductions MWA/FWA and many more. Based on our experience with this system we are now working on a full-fledged payroll software and will be launched very soon.

What we offer:

  • Marine IT Software Development
  • e-WRH Software
  • Excel Payroll Management
  • Data Processing/Migration
  • Crew Management Services

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