Life of Merchant Navy Employee on a Cruise Ship

Whether it is treating your eyes to the most beautiful dawn and dusk over an open horizon or counting the diamonds spread on the ocean on a full moon night, the sound of ship’s hull sliding through the salt water or the soft rumbling of 4-storey engine heard on main deck. The list goes on. Living on board a ship brings you its own tidbits of nostalgia back home. It has been 8 years since I joined my first ship. Still, every time I am at a port to climb the gangway (ship’s ladder), I feel in awe of her, the beautiful mega structure.

There is always the delightful greeting you hear once you step foot on deck. The peculiar fragrance fills your lungs as soon as you step inside accommodation area. The first bird’s eye view from Bridge fetches a deep breath of wow in you. However, along with the benefits of merchant navy, there are risks as well. The grass is not all green. We witness situations involving operational failures leading to business loss and personal injuries which might scar us for a lifetime and leave us unfit to be at sea again. So, describing a typical day on board a ship ought to be a lively narrative. This is the story of one such eventful and gruesome day.

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