Capt. J.S. Sandhu

Sailing experience on almost all types of Bulk Carriers, OBO’s (Dry Mode), Conversion Vessels (From Tankers to Ore-Carriers) & General Cargo vessels. Has been involved with setting up vessels for dry-docks & major repairs at various shipyards. Has worked with a variety of nationalities on board as well as ashore. Vast experience with setting up of and carrying out work with Riding / Repair Squads on board Cape Sizers & VLOC’s. Experienced in Project Management on board vessels.

  • Master Mariner with over 13 Years in-command experience.
  • Over 25 years of Sea Service (All types of Bulk Carriers & Gen. Cargo Vessels).
  • Back to back Yard deliveries of VLOC’s from Japan.
  • Over 4 years’ experience as Manager – Marine Operations.
  • Over 2 years’ experience as Assistant Auditor (Lead Auditor, ISO).
  • Expert in Training and Inspection.

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